Leersia perrieri (Lperr_V1.4)

About Leersia perrieri

Leersia perrieri comes from Madagascar. It was the nearest outgroup of the genus Oryza included in the OMAP project. It has 12 chromosomes with a nuclear genome size of 323 Mb (flow cytometry). The sequencing and assembly of this genome was carried out as part of the Oryza Genome Evolution project funded by NSF Award #1026200.

Taxonomy ID 77586

Data source Oryza Genome Evolution Project

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Genome assembly: Lperr_V1.4

More information and statistics

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Gene annotation

What can I find? Protein-coding and non-coding genes, splice variants, cDNA and protein sequences, non-coding RNAs.

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Comparative genomics

What can I find? Homologues, gene trees, and whole genome alignments across multiple species.

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This species currently has no variation database. However you can process your own variants using the Variant Effect Predictor:

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Gramene/Ensembl Genomes Annotation

Additional annotations generated by the Gramene and Ensembl Plants project include:

  • Gene phylogenetic trees with other other Gramene species, see example.
  • Mapping to the genome of multiple sequence-based feature sets using gramene blat pipeline, see example.
  • Identification of various repeat features by programs such as RepeatMasker with MIPS and AGI repeat libraries, and Dust, TRF.