Ananas comosus (F153)

About Ananas comosus

Pineapple (Ananas comosus) is a fruit crop originated and domesticated in South America. It is the most economically important plant in the family Bromeliaceae. Ananas is unique in the family for its syncarpic fruit; in fact it means 'excellent fruit' in GuaranĂ­ language. Pineapple was domesticated over 6 thousand years ago and distributed to Mesoamerica over 2,500 years ago. Cultivated pineapple is a clonally propagated, self-incompatible diploid (2n=2x=50) with CAM photosynthesis.

Taxonomy ID 4615

Data source Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University cs Chinese Academy of Sciences

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Genome assembly: F153

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