Malus domestica Golden (ASM211411v1)

The apple genome browser has been developed as part of the participation of Ensembl Plants in ELIXIR’s commissioned service “Apple as a Model for Genomic Information Exchange”.

About Malus domestica

Apple (Malus domestica) is usually a diploid species (2n = 2x = 34) that belongs to the Rosaceae family. It is one of the most famous fruits globally and occupies a central position in folklore, culture, and art. Apple varieties have retained high genetic and phenotypic diversity, evidenced by the high number of apple varieties cultivated today. Like most other fruit tree crops, apple is propagated by grafting onto rootstocks, which over time can allow the acquisition and propagation of epimutations, via variation in DNA methylation states that can influence various phenotypes, such as fruit color.

Taxonomy ID 3750

Data source IRHS

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Genome assembly: ASM211411v1

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