Vicia faba (Hedin2_genome_v1)

About Vicia Faba

Faba bean (Vicia faba L., 2n = 12) was domesticated in the near East more than 10,000 years BP and its broad adaptability, value as a restorative crop in rotations and high nutritional density have propelled it to the status of a global crop grown on all continents except Antarctica. Faba bean continues to be relevant in the twenty-first century as humanity strives to lower agricultural greenhouse gas emissions by replacing meat or milk protein with plant-based alternatives. It is the highest yielding of all grain legumes and has a favourable protein content (approximately 29%) compared with other cool-season pulses such as pea, lentil and chickpea, making it a suitable candidate to meet challenging projected future protein demands. Furthermore, the high biological nitrogen fixation rates of faba bean and the long duration of nectar-rich, pollinator-friendly flowers provide important ecosystem services, which means that cultivation of faba bean is increasingly seen as key for sustainable intensification strategies.

Taxonomy ID 3906

Data source FBGC

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Genome assembly: Hedin2_genome_v1

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