Brassica rapa R-o-18 (SCU_BraROA_2.3)

About Brassica rapa

Brassica rapa is widely cultivated as leafy and root vegetables as well as an oilseed and condiment, with different subspecies having distinct morphotypes producing turnips (roots), bok and pak choi, choi sum, Chinese cabbage, broccoletto, turnip, oilseed rape, as well as field and yellow mustard. This genome corresponds to the diploid (AA, 2n=20) genotype R-o-18, an inbred line of the mustard crop yellow sarson (B. rapa subsp. trilocularis), which has been used to produce a TILLING population for reverse genetics studies [1].

Taxonomy ID 1813537

Data source Brassica rapa R-o-18 genome sequencing consortium

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Genome assembly: SCU_BraROA_2.3

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