Theobroma cacao Belizian Criollo B97-61/B2 (Criollo_cocoa_genome_V2)

The Cocoa Genome Hub is a collaboration among CIRAD and the South Green bioinformatics platform.

About Theobroma cacao

Theobroma cacao (cacao or chocolate tree) is a neotropical plant native to Amazonian rainforests. It is now cultivated in over 50 countries. A member of Malvaceae family, its beans are harvested from pods for use as the food chocolate, in confections and cosmetics. Cacao is a diploid species (2n=2x=20) with a relatively small genome (from 411 Mb to 494 Mb). This is the V2 genome assembly and annotation of the Belizian Criollo B97-61/B2 cultivar.

Taxonomy ID 3641

Data source CIRAD

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Genome assembly: Criollo_cocoa_genome_V2

More information and statistics

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