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Eragrostis tef (Salk_teff_dabbi_3.0)

Eragrostis tef Assembly and Gene Annotation

About Eragrostis tef

Eragrostis tef, known as tef or teff, is a small-seeded allotetraploid cereal (2C=2n=4x=40). It is grown as a crop for human consumption in the Horn of Africa and cultivated for hay in countries such as South Africa, Australia, and the USA.


A chromosome-scale assembly of the allotetraploid teff genome was built using a combination of long read single-molecule real-time sequencing and long-range high-throughput chromatin capture (Hi-C).


The teff genome was annotated using the MAKER pipeline. Transcript support from a large-scale expression atlas and protein homology to Arabidopsis and other grass genomes were used as evidence for ab initio gene prediction. After filtering transposon-derived sequences, ab initio gene prediction identified 68,255 gene models.


Picture credit: Kaye Murri tef cultivar, Gina Cannarozzi



AssemblySalk_teff_dabbi_3.0, INSDC Assembly GCA_024500355.1, Aug 2022
Database version112.2
Golden Path Length575,076,302
Genebuild byARRAY(0xdea2740)
Genebuild methodExternal annotation import
Data sourceSalk

Gene counts

Coding genes66,287
Gene transcripts66,287