Pan-taxonomic compara

The pan-taxonomic compara is built using representative genomes from all significant clades represented in Ensembl and Ensembl Genomes, to offer a broad view of homologous relationships from across the taxonomy. This analysis enables the production of protein trees and orthologies across all the taxonomic groups in Ensmbl and Ensembl Genomes.

Species in the pan-taxonomic compara

Model genomes along with genomes not represented by the familes of model organisms are picked for this analysis.

The bacterial genomes included are selected on the following criteria:

  1. Presence in earlier versions of the pan-taxonomic compara
  2. Presence in the UniProtKB reference proteome list
  3. Europe PubMed Central citation count of over 1000

Data Access

The gene trees obtained from this analysis can be accessed in the genome browser and also using the Perl API and REST API. Note that when using the APIs, the pan-taxonomic comparative genomics data resource can be picked using the name "pan_homology".