PanOryza: globally coordinated genomes, proteomes and pathways for rice

This project brings together six international partners with a shared goal of creating consistency in the rice gene sets. At the outset, we will have access to 16 "platinum standard" reference sequence (PSRefSeq) genomes for Asian rice, that represent the genetic diversity of O. sativa, as well as 25 wild rice genomes. At present, gene models are being annotated independently across different projects, leading to inconsistencies that cause confusion and challenges in fundamental and applied rice research. We will release consistent, aligned gene models for all Oryza genus reference genomes, through internationally recognised platforms Ensembl Plants and Gramene.

The development of resources for the pan gene set for cultivated Asian rice (Oryza sativa) and its wild Oryza relatives rice pan-genome is funded by BBSRC.NSF/BIO.