Arabidopsis thaliana vs Theobroma cacao Synteny Results

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Synteny was calculated between Arabidopsis thaliana (Arabidopsis thaliana, TAIR10) and Theobroma cacao (Theobroma cacao, Theobroma_cacao_20110822) in Ensembl Plants release .


Number of syntenic blocks: 134

Genome coverage (bp) Coding exon coverage (bp)
Arabidopsis thaliana

Uncovered: 99,668,427 out of 119,667,750
Covered: 19,999,323 out of 119,667,750

Uncovered: 49,527,834 out of 62,644,401
Covered: 13,116,567 out of 62,644,401

Theobroma cacao

Uncovered: 269,598,205 out of 345,993,675
Covered: 76,395,470 out of 345,993,675

Uncovered: 27,237,852 out of 58,271,728
Covered: 31,033,876 out of 58,271,728

Configuration parameters

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