Oryza glaberrima vs Oryza sativa Indica Group Synteny Results

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Synteny was calculated between Oryza glaberrima (Oryza glaberrima, Oryza_glaberrima_V1) and Oryza sativa Indica Group (Oryza sativa Indica Group, ASM465v1) in Ensembl Plants release .


Number of syntenic blocks: 112

Genome coverage (bp) Coding exon coverage (bp)
Oryza glaberrima

Uncovered: 27,073,076 out of 316,419,574
Covered: 289,346,498 out of 316,419,574

Uncovered: 2,389,773 out of 36,293,721
Covered: 33,903,948 out of 36,293,721

Oryza sativa Indica Group

Uncovered: 45,997,573 out of 427,004,890
Covered: 381,007,317 out of 427,004,890

Uncovered: 1,895,845 out of 45,520,686
Covered: 43,624,841 out of 45,520,686

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