Vitis vinifera vs Coffea canephora Synteny Results

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Synteny was calculated between Vitis vinifera (Vitis vinifera, 12X) and Coffea canephora (Coffea canephora str. DH200-94, AUK_PRJEB4211_v1) in Ensembl Plants release .


Number of syntenic blocks: 40

Genome coverage (bp) Coding exon coverage (bp)
Vitis vinifera

Uncovered: 455,559,193 out of 486,265,422
Covered: 30,706,229 out of 486,265,422

Uncovered: 28,968,562 out of 32,794,161
Covered: 3,825,599 out of 32,794,161

Coffea canephora str. DH200-94

Uncovered: 543,979,426 out of 568,611,505
Covered: 24,632,079 out of 568,611,505

Uncovered: 27,453,825 out of 30,830,841
Covered: 3,377,016 out of 30,830,841

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