Medicago truncatula (MtrunA17r5.0_ANR)

About Medicago truncatula

Medicago truncatula (Barrel Medic) is a small annual legume native to the Mediterranean region. As other legumes, it forms symbioses with nitrogen-fixing rhizobia and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. This species has been chosen as a model organism for legume biology because it has a small diploid genome, is self-fertile, has a rapid generation time and prolific seed production, and is amenable to genetic transformation. M. truncatula is a close relative of alfalfa (Medicago sativa), a widely cultivated crop with limited genomics tools and complex autotetraploid genetics. As such, the M. truncatula genome sequence provides significant opportunities to expand alfalfa's genomic toolbox. The complete reference sequence displayed here is the 4.0 assembly update published in 2014. The nuclear genome has eight chromosomes.

Taxonomy ID 3880

Data source INRA/CNRS

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Genome assembly: MtrunA17r5.0_ANR

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